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Wolf Haven International – Honoring Living and Deceased Wolves

As part of our obligation as a sanctuary, Wolf Haven commits to treating all wolves or wolfdogs who find refuge here with compassion, respect, and dignity from the day they arrive until their end of days. There is even a cemetery onsite for residents who have passed on.  We encourage guests to visit the memorial cemetery when they are visiting Wolf Haven and share a requiem for a friend.

As difficult as it is to say goodbye to old friends, we take solace in knowing that those fortunate enough to be rescued and come to Wolf Haven have had the best quality of life possible for a captive-born wolf.  And this is only because of people like you.

Wolf Haven International receives no federal, state or city funding for the rescue and care of our residents, not even those in federally managed captive breeding programs for endangered species like the Mexican wolf and the red wolf. But your dollars ensure that the 61 animals living here are fed a nutritious diet, receive quality medical care, and are provided stimulating enrichment items. Your donations made it possible for us to complete construction of two “corridors” last year to connect enclosures and give our large family of 14 endangered red wolves more space.

For 36 years, Wolf Haven has been privileged to rescue and make a home for 250 displaced, captive born wolves and wolfdogs. Because of the generosity and big hearts of people like you, who recognize the intrinsic value and worth of every animal, our residents are free from chains, pelting farms and cramped  kennels. Losing one of our sanctuary residents is never easy – for the companion animal, staff, volunteers or supporters. Our comfort comes in knowing that with your gift, all of us together were instrumental in giving them a life worth living. And with your continued gift, we will do the same for the 61 wolves living in our sanctuary now, who call Wolf Haven home. We thank you for that from the bottom of our hearts.

CFD Charity Code # 0315065; 360.264.4695

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