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Wolf Haven International – CFD Charity Code # 0315065

More mouths to feed

The cycle of life continues at Wolf Haven, and in the spring, we welcomed Mexican wolf pups to the sanctuary. As partner in a captive breeding program for these critically endangered animals, genetically valuable wolves at our sanctuary are sometimes recommended for breeding. This past season, our Mexican wolf pair F1422 and M1360 (in-house names Vida and Kochi) became the parents of a large litter when Vida whelped in late April.

We waited in anxious anticipation until the first pup made his or her debut outside of the den. Eventually, via remote camera, animal care staff was able to count a record nine pups outside of the den, keeping their mom very busy. Since then, one of the pups passed away – a sad but not uncommon occurrence within a litter.

The surviving pups have completed a series of three official health checks. They’ve had all required vaccines, been microchipped for identification and thoroughly checked out by our veterinarian. Since the family is in our prerelease area and cannot be seen by the public (even when Wolf Haven is open), our animal care staff take photos and videos when possible for supporters to enjoy on social media.

Although Wolf Haven is proud to be an important contributor to the genetic health and survival of the Mexican wolf, we shoulder ALL of our own costs associated with our participation in this Species Survival Plan program (including health care, food, enclosure requirements). When newly born, the pups depended upon mom for sustenance, but as they grow, they depend upon us for it. And they continue to grow like crazy!

Because of the generous support of people like you, Wolf Haven has had the following success in this bi-national wolf program: ten litters of Mexican wolves born at our sanctuary since we began participating in 1994, with three of those families released into the wild in the U.S. and Mexico.

Thank you so much for caring about the health and well-being of not only our rescued gray wolves, but also your continued investment in ensuring the survival of the critically endangered Mexican wolf.

Please consider Wolf Haven International for your Combined Fund Drive support in 2020.

CFD Charity Code # 0315065; 360.264.4695


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