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Cost of wolf care

As a caring and responsible donor, you want to be sure that your gift to Wolf Haven is put to good use. So where does your money go?

Short answer – food, medicine, enrichment, habitat and staff. 

Wolf Haven’s big family

Currently, Wolf Haven cares for 90 animals: 56 in Washington and 34 in Montana.  We have a rescue population of gray wolves, wolfdogs and two coyotes, and a Species Survival Plan (SSP) population of endangered Mexican wolves and red wolves.

Meet Tala the red wolf

One of these is M1482 (house name Tala), a male red wolf – a critically endangered species native ONLY to the U.S. He’s part of a federal Species Survival Plan (SSP) captive breeding program, designed to ensure the continuation and health of this unique, nearly exterminated species. Tala was born in 2006 and arrived at Wolf Haven in 2010. He and his mate F1945 (house name Nash) had two consecutive litters of pups here and are now the proud parents of 12 wolves! This is the first time Wolf Haven has cared for a multi-generational family of red wolves.

What it cost to take care of Tala for one year

Each wolf is unique, so it’s hard to generalize, but let’s look at one wolf – Tala.  What did Wolf Haven spend to keep him healthy and productive for one year – 2018?

Food: $1,350

Enrichment: $360

Preventative Veterinary care: $640

Emergency Veterinary Care (illness or injury): $1,140

Habitat & enclosure maintenance: $561

Animal care staff: $3,540

Total cost of animal care for Tala during 2018: $7,591

Who pays for it?

You may be surprised to learn that Wolf Haven receives NO receive federal funding for the care of our Mexican wolves or red wolves (or rescues, for that matter).  Instead, we rely on the generosity of people like you.

Tala, the father of twelve, is now 13 years old and considered one of our senior residents. Some might say that it costs a lot to care him year after year. But Tala has given his life to the Species Survival Plan program, and he deserves the best we have to offer. Like Wolf Haven, you believe that every animal deserves respect, quality care and appreciation. And your gift makes this happen.

THANK YOU for helping us care for our residents – one wolf at a time.  

Please consider Wolf Haven International for your Combined Fund Drive support in 2019.

CFD Charity Code # 0315065; 360.264.4695


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