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Wolf Haven International CAUGHT BETWEEN TWO WORLDS

tYou will recognize this familiar story. Once again Wolf Haven was contacted about a wolf who needed to be rehomed. Once again an animal was purchased from a breeder and it didn’t work out. Named Tecumseh by his owner (we call him “T”), we believe he is a high content wolfdog.

wolf-haven-2016The idea of owning a wolfdog or wolf can be appealing to people who feel a connection with wolves or who want to share their life with a wild creature. They purchase a wolf or wolfdog thinking they can somehow tame it and create a unique bond. They aren’t thinking about what they will do with the animal if “life happens” and their circumstances change. Wolves and dogs are genetically different; tragically, many of these animals end up living their lives on the end of a chain, killed, or destined to live in a sanctuary.

You can help us make the best home possible for wolves and wolfdogs like “T”, where they can live as they prefer- with their own kind. We continually work to improve their living conditions in captivity.  Your donation will help us do to enhance the lives of our residents – and prevent other misguided “purchases”.

Sanctuary Improvements: Providing the best care possible for our wolves

Larger Spaces – more comfortable environment for wolves like “T” to play.

Connections Between Enclosures – allows wolves to explore new areas or retreat from human view if they desire.

Education and Outreach Program: Solving the problem

Wolf Biology – inform the public about wolf biology and how wolves differ from dogs.

Getting the message out – wolves don’t make good pets.  Help people respect and empathize with animals who are not genetically designed to be held in captivity.

From everyone at Wolf Haven – Thank You for the support you have given us these past 34 years. Your gift can make a difference in the quality of life for these animals caught between two worlds. The wolves are counting on you and we are deeply grateful.

CFD Charity Code#  0315065; 360.264.4695

Enjoy this lovely video of Wolf Haven International, a wolf sanctuary in Tenino, WA. Created & filmed by Dean Cannon, a documentary cinematographer based in Seattle, WA. Dean has done work for National Geographic Channel, Discovery Channel, Nature and more.

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