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Helping All OSD Students Succeed – Donate to #0315734

The Olympia School District Education Foundation (OSDEF) is a local nonprofit dedicated to enhancing the educational experience for district students, educators and families. Our mission is to provide programs and services to students; partner with teachers to enhance educational success; and to promote learning for all students in the Olympia School District. Much of our work is supported by private donations, including the Combined Fund Drive.

Teaching & Learning Grants & Initiatives: In 2018-19, the OSDEF provided over $54,000 in grants and underwriting funding for teacher requests to enhance curriculum and instruction. We also sponsor an after-school math tutoring program for sixth-

Performing Arts Initiative: This program is designed to enhance student access to the performing arts by underwriting art instruction or activities at school, or experiencing the arts directly at local venues, like the Washington Center for the Performing Arts.

Outdoor Education at Crisps: For many years, the OSDEF has contributed $25,000 annually to the Olympia School District’s Outdoor Education Program, allowing all OSD fifth-graders to attend a three-day overnight outdoor education program at Camp Cispus in Randle. This program is supported each fall through our annual wreath sales.

Principal’s Emergency Fund (PEF): The PEF exists to help OSD principals address emergent student needs quickly and simply, without a lot of paperwork. In 2017-18, the PEF funded $47,000 worth of emergency student needs — covering everything from SAT fees to rent to clothing and eyeglasses – removing barriers so students come to school ready to learn.

Mental Health Initiative: The OSDEF is launching a Mental Health Initiative (MHI) to help ensure that students, teachers – in fact, the entire OSD community – have more resources to advocate for the social, physical and mental wellness of themselves and others. The OSDEF believes this effort will help create a community that is not only more adept at identifying a person in crisis, but also more comfortable and confident reaching out to and sharing appropriate resources with that person.

Our goals can only be realized through generous community support from people like you. Please consider making a donation to OSDEF this year.

To learn more about the foundation, visit us at for follow us on Facebook and Instagram. Thank you!

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