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Something Special, Something Out of the Ordinary

Can you imagine a life story like this? One day a homeless man told me… “You probably wouldn’t believe that at one time I had the house, the wife, the 401K, and a great job with the government. The pressures became so great in my life that within two years I found myself alone, jobless, and eating out of a dumpster.” I have never forgotten that man nor his story as he struggled with addiction and trying to put his life back together.

At the Olympia Union Gospel Mission, we are here for those who need help. Whether a meal, a shower, clean clothes, or an overnight stay in the Mission’s shelter, there is a place of refuge where individuals are safe when experiencing hard times.

Now as the holidays are upon us, the needs seem to be even greater. The weather turns cold and one can’t shake the dampness that fills the air. People gather at meal times in the Mission’s dining hall, thankful for a hot nutritious meal. As Thanksgiving and Christmas approach, Mission guests recall that it should be a time of joy, but it only brings tears of sorrow. It’s a very difficult time for so many with no real family and nowhere to call home, but with your help we try to bring back some of the wonder of the season.

During the weeks of Thanksgiving and Christmas, you can have a part in making the meals special. For just a $1.75 the Mission’s kitchen staff can provide some scrumptious meals! Something special, something out of the ordinary for the holidays.

Through the Combined Fund Drive, your donation makes a significant impact. This season over 22,000 meals will be served. Please consider providing an entire table of meals or a month of meals for those who might not otherwise have much to celebrate. Help us bring back the wonder of the season in a significant way.

For more information about our services or volunteer opportunities, visit our website at

Combined Fund Drive # 0316533

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