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Rebuilding Together Thurston County: WHY?

I recently saw an acquaintance I hadn’t seen in quite some time.  As we were visiting, she asked me what I had been doing lately. I explained to her that I’ve been busy volunteering with Rebuilding Together Thurston County.  She looked at me and very seriously said, “Why would you do all that work for no money?”

Why do I do all that work for no money? I do it because thanks to Rebuilding Together and its volunteers, contractors, and suppliers Tracy has new windows in her home and mold issues mitigated so she and her two children can now safely live in their home. She also has a functional kitchen and working appliances thanks to our volunteers.  I do it because Tim’s repaired and rebuilt fence allows him to be outside with a sense of safety and security because he doesn’t have to worry about his neighbors’ pitbulls on his property anymore. RTTC could afford to hire a plumbing contractor to repair a non-working kitchen faucet and leaking pipes thanks to my volunteer efforts at a fundraiser.  I volunteer because RTTC built a wheelchair ramp that allowed a wheelchair bound daughter to visit her mother in her own home for the first time in years.

Thank you to everyone who answers the question, “Why?” with a “Why not?” Make a difference in our community.

Donate today to Rebuilding Together Thurston County; CFD Charity Code # 0522546

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