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Pacific Education Institute (PEI) Empowers Teachers to Take Students Outdoors

PEI-2Imagine a child who has never visited a national park, recreated on a local trail, or visited a farm; a child who has never experienced the magic of hearing a great horned owl call, or the feeling of freedom that comes from hiking in an expansive wilderness. Now ask, how will this child grow up to take on the challenges facing our communities? How will a child who has never been in a forest, care enough to save it?

PEIWashington state schools are facing an imminent crisis. Schools are struggling to fill the gaps, as standards shift and budgets decrease. Our local community and economy rely on professionals who are knowledgeable in Science, Technology, Math and Engineering (STEM), and yet our children are not prepared to take on the challenges facing them. Without these vital skills, our community will struggle to address the complex relationship between the environment, economy and human needs.

For over 10 years, Pacific Education Institute (CFD Charity # 1481059) has served Washington schools by providing professional development, curricular materials, and teaching resources to educators. Our innovative FieldSTEM program offers a low-cost solution that connects students to their landscape and engages them in critical thinking. PEI strives to link educators with community and local business leaders, so that students can apply what they learn in the field to future career opportunities. Our programs offer low-income and underperforming students opportunities to change their future, and experiences that last a lifetime.

Your donation of $10 per paycheck can fund a student’s very first outdoor experience, $20 can help plan field studies for an entire classroom, and a gift of $100 or more can supply up to 10 teachers, and several hundred students, with the resources they need to improve student learning. Thank you so much for considering a gift.

Learn more at; CFD Charity Code# 1481059

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