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Olympia Union Gospel Mission’s No-Fee Cental Clinic with the DOC’s of Rock & Roll

Hey, you hot-rodders, let’s agitate the gravel with some Shake, Rattle, and Rock starring the Olympia Jazz Senators and their guests Saturday, October 19, 7pm at the Washington Center in hipster Olympia.
You’ll have a blast at this year’s show. The toe-tapping Debbi’s Dance hits the stage along with vocalists Talia Hastie, Gayla Duerr, Tommy Dinwiddie, and bust a gut as the talented dental community brings on the bash.

This is a gig to benefit the Olympia Union Gospel Mission’s No-Fee Dental Clinic. They schedule over 1,800 hundred visits a year to those who do not have access to dental care. Tracey D. Hooker, director of the Olympia Jazz Senators says, “They are compassionate, professionals who truly care.” Tracey’s friend was having dental problems and couldn’t afford insurance. “I made a phone call to the Mission’s No-Fee Dental Clinic,” said Tracy, “and my friend was seen within a few hours.”
So put some pedal to the metal with your baby and join us for a rockin’ evening. Motor over to and slap down some bread for some sweet seats and we’ll see you there!

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