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Northwest Kidney Centers have helped patients make an easier transition to life on dialysis

10-14 NW Kidney Center2Bub Dennis—Still riding strong

Freedom and independence are two qualities Bub Dennis values greatly. Growing up in Bozeman, Montana, Bub enjoyed ample amounts of both while exploring the Big Sky Country on horseback, choosing both the direction and duration of his rides.

Even a diagnosis of kidney disease 20 years ago didn’t slow him down during his career at Boeing. He kept dialysis at bay with regular check-ups and an active lifestyle, raising two kids and welcoming six grandchildren and five great-grandchildren along the way. But in the spring of 2013 his nephrologist told him he would need to begin dialysis treatments.

NW Kidney CenterMuch of the freedom and independence Bub had known all his life seemed to be in jeopardy when he received the news. Donors to Northwest Kidney Centers have helped patients like Bub make an easier transition to life on dialysis by supporting free classes that explain treatment choices and how to maintain good health while on dialysis. Continued financial support helps ensure the availability of these patient-focused programs for current and future patients.

After weighing his options, Bub chose to grab the reins and give himself dialysis at home with peritoneal dialysis. This works best for him and allows him to maintain his independence. “Peritoneal dialysis enables me to have a life during the day,” he says.

Bub says his treatments are going well and he’s had no real problems. If he has questions, he says, “I just call my nurse, who tells me what to do.”

Northwest Kidney Centers operates one of the largest home dialysis programs in the country. With more than 16 percent of our patients choosing home dialysis—a rate nearly double the national average—our program has been a model for others worldwide.

We offer:

  • Extensive one-on-one home dialysis training with a registered nurse
  • In-home visits and support
  • Nurses available 24/7 by phone
  • Web-based communications portal

For Bub, incorporating dialysis into his life doesn’t mean the end of an active lifestyle. “I have the lifestyle I want, and I don’t have to travel to the center three or four times a week.’’
As for his freedom and independence, Bub, who is 80, just drove to Montana for his high school reunion. “I just put all the fluids and my machine in my pickup and took off by myself—saw a bunch of old high school friends.”

Donor support empowers Bub and others living with kidney disease to take control of their own care. Your gifts help make life better for our patients and their families every day through patient care, education and research.

Please donate to CFD Charity Code #0306011

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