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Homes First! Celebrating 25 years of Affordable Rental Housing

Homes First 2015Homes First!’s mission is to provide a home first, allowing a family or an individual to benefit in many other ways. A caring and respectful landlord, Homes First! makes a huge difference for people, so that they can succeed rather than struggle to survive.

“Affordable housing is such a productive way to help families and individuals get on their feet,” said Mrs. Inslee at a Homes First! open house she attended last fall. “We need to make more people aware of the great work that Homes First! is doing in our communities to provide safe, secure and affordable homes.”
That is certainly reflected in the many joyful tenants who have found their way home through Homes First! just this year.HomesMatter_CFD

  • A mom and dad and their three children were cold, wet and sick while living in Capitol Forest after Dad lost his job and the family lost their home. With the help of the non-profit “Out of the Woods” they found Homes First! They now have a happy place where the family home schools and Dad returns at the end of the day from his new job.
  • A family with four children, moved into a home thoughtfully rehabbed by Homes First! and its volunteers last fall. Even though both parents had jobs, they had all been living in a homeless shelter, unable to afford rent. Now the kids have a big yard to play in and a lovely place to call home.
  • A Tumwater home that had been a blight on the community was donated to Homes First! by Wells Fargo Bank and is being completely rebuilt and rehabbed through a partnership between Homes First! and Community Youth Services’ YouthBuild program. Youth are learning construction trades for their own future while the home is readied and made beautiful for the next deserving family.

“We help a lot of people and we improve the community,” says Trudy Soucoup, executive director for Homes First! “We renovate old properties and upgrade neighborhoods with our efforts.”

A leader in forging partnerships

Since April 1990, Homes First! has worked to increase the supply of affordable housing in Thurston County. Much of their success can be credited to working with community partners, organizations, volunteers and municipalities.
One such partner is Olympia Federal Savings Bank that has helped finance the 30 properties with 81 units that Homes First! owns, manages and rents. Together, they have served more than 3,000 people.
Homes First! also works with a variety of other non-profit organizations to provide housing and services for developmentally disabled community members and others who need a little extra support.
“These partnerships are the key to our mission,” says Soucoup. “When we work together we can do much more than achieve our individual goals. Strong partnerships build strong communities.”
To contribute to Homes First!, make an impact on the availability of affordable rental housing, use Combined Fund Drive code # 0316512 and choose Homes First!

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