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From the Publisher: Well Fed Well Read 2020 – April 1 – 15

WFWR began in the Office of the Printing with a food drive to assist the Thurston County Food Bank.  Later, Washington State Lottery facilitated a food drive which included a book drive for the South Sound Reading Foundation. In 2002, the two efforts, Office of Printing and Washington State Lottery, combined into one campaign. This campaign was well received by a number of agencies.

Two years later, the Lottery handed the drive over to TCFB and SSRF to organize and manage, though they continue to support and participate in it. FTE News has also been an instrumental supporter. It has worked with TCFB and SSRF to ensure the survival of the competition and vital donations.

Today, the WFWR is part of the Combined Fund Drive for participating state agencies.

Just found out that Spokane United Way is offering the WFWR again this year after a successful effort last year. Hope more counties adopt this food and children’s book collection campaign.

Good News!!!

The 2019 CFD Campaign total was $5.1 Million. Kudos to all those pledged and donated. That makes a string of successful campaigns to support the Legacy of Generosity!

Next month the photos and list of state agency recipients from various CFD Recognition events should be available for publishing in the April FTE News Issue. The Issue will be available on our website April; no fooling!

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