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From the publisher: The Heart of the CFD Success is volunteers

Every successful venture has a heart. It’s the energy that drives the outcome. This is especially true for the Combined Fund Drive (CFD). The mission of the CFD was later expanded to include retirees, and is now: To empower Washington public employees and retirees to strengthen their communities through the funding and support of charities.

From the beginning in 1984, it took the energy within an idea to bring together various charities into a consolidated forum to approach state employees at one time a year to reduce the disruption of employee time from their workplace routine.

That effort began with a volunteer, Former Secretary of State Sam Reed, whose interest was the American Cancer Society. He approached another volunteer, Mrs. John Spellman, who set up a luncheon at the State Mansion to propose the plan to her husband, Governor John Spellman.  Governor Spellman volunteered to sign an Executive Order authorizing the Combined Fund Drive.

And so for over 30 years, the Combined Fund Drive’s success evolved with volunteers with a passion for a charity they championed or inspired with the desire to grow the Legacy of Generosity.

When former State Senator Karen Fraser was nominated to the then CFD State Board, she volunteered to legalize the workplace giving program into the Revised Code of Washington. The Legislature placed the CFD within the Office of the Secretary of State.

If you go to the CFD Web Site, 2019 Recognition:, page 7, calculates the cost savings of using volunteers to operate the third largest national workplace giving campaign saves over a Half-Million dollars a year.

Volunteers have always been the heart of the CFD campaign. State employees and/or retirees have a cultural knowledge and rapport that exceeds a paid staff.

Even during a pandemic, volunteers can access campaign leaders and provide information quickly. Being discussed by CFD volunteers is online fund raising and interactive campaign training 24/7 for everyone.

The challenges of the pandemic, furloughing, working from home, can never stop a highly trained employee base that is passionate to help others, in my opinion. The spirit is still the same, the mission is still the same and the total goal of $5 Million or more is the Legacy of Generosity engrained in the hearts of Washington State Employees and retirees.

Give until it feels good, again. In your heart, you know it’s needed; it’s right.

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