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From the Publisher: Praise and Recognition

The FTE News Magazine’s mission has always been to praise and recognize state employees: for best efforts in the workplace and community. For twenty-five (25) years, there has never been a cost associated with the chronicling of the personal and corporate successes of state employees.

Years ago, when recognition was low, your newspaper sponsored individual recognition – Full Time Effort (FTE) Awards – and team – Full Team Effort (FTE) Awards. The effort was replaced by a state funded program, which eroded under a new administration. Other examples of volunteer recognition have been duplicated and replaced by state staff and funds. Those programs are not sustainable given the fluctuations in economics and policies. More important, what is the true intent, kingdom building or control of information? Bottom up recognition is far more honest than top down imposed programs or no recognition at all.

Odd is the reluctance to nominate, praise and recognize best practices of the most important resource in state government, namely employees? Even in a tight economy, barriers to honoring performance in the workplace and community should be discouraged. Peer to peer recognition is of lasting importance.

Praise to the Office of the Secretary of State for organizing volunteer employee committees and facilitating the Public Service Recognition Week (PSRW) recognition.

And thank you to the many sponsoring vendors like the Washington State Employee Credit Union (WSECU) and The Federation for stepping up to partner in the expense.

What has changed this year is the COVID Virus Stay in Place. But our reporting has not changed. It is heartfelt empathy and edification, for all state employees that work for the citizens of Washington.

What is known from years of working with people is still true, namely that people work harder for things (recognition, honor and praise), than they do for money. Money is only a means of keeping score. The real reward is service to others and building relationships. The PSRW events and others like it solidify those employee relationships and commitment to public service, in my opinion. It provides a positive sharing of the pride through service that no trophy or meal can ever duplicate. Trophies tarnish with time but our best efforts endure in hearts forever.

So, what should be the cost? Does it matter to you? You be the judge!

There is no cost to the state or the employees with the FTE News Magazine, digitized 24/7 for you. So, please support our sponsors as well as those of the CFD, PSRW, and other state sponsored events. It’s all for you and about you.

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