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From the Publisher: In every challenge or adversity is an equal or greater benefit and blessing.

A good friend used to always say. “Most people complicate the obvious!” There is always an alternative solution to every problem

Everyone has been subjected to the question of asking either when is this pandemic going to end, or when are the “temporary” quarantine restrictions going to be over. It reminds me of the kids on a long trip asking, “When are we going to get there?” Our parents yearned then for a six-foot rule, amen?

The early COVID-19 predictions were that the warm weather would dissipate the disease. Now they have discovered that being in air conditioned environments may be harmful by spreading the disease. This may account for the delay in some “warm” cities and states growing infection and death statistics.

When I was growing up, “Zoom” was hot oatmeal. Who knew now it’s a principle means of sharing online information to large groups of people across the country? There are now many ways to instruct and educate rather than meeting in person. Vulnerable persons now stay home and call for “free” transportation to travel to medical appointments. Or order services and supplies from their phones. It’s not the same as being in person, but it is better than risking illnesses, right?

Another friend used to say the way to overcome poverty, food shortages, homelessness, and joblessness is to throw money at the problem. Kudos to the Department of Corrections with the “Gardens of Hope Project”, that provides incarcerated individuals satisfaction in growing food for others, learning employable skills, and returning value to the community. Growing trees within the facilities is another project to teach the value of horticulture. It also diverts the mind to a positive pursuit.

Donating a portion your income to the Combined Fund Drive is another way to serve the community. Just make a plan to donate through Payroll deduction without infecting anyone or anything but your heart, Statistics show that those who give makes a person wealthy in spirit, prolonging health and happiness. It’s part of the Legacy of Generosity. Make a pledge this year when things are so sown to lift the spirit of others including yourself with your own “Garden of Hope”. Plant something that will outlast your life and memory. Amen?

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