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Employers Express Satisfaction With New Oregon Retirement Savings Program

Many in survey say OregonSaves creates minimal added burden

By: John Scott & Mark Hines

Many Oregon businesses taking part in the state’s new retirement savings program for private sector workers expressed positive views of OregonSaves in its early stages, according to a recent survey conducted for The Pew Charitable Trusts.

The survey reached out to all businesses that have enrolled in the program since it launched in 2017 to better understand employer perceptions of the benefits and challenges they may be experiencing. State policymakers created OregonSaves to encourage workers at employers that do not offer their own retirement plans to save.

Businesses that had registered with the program by Dec. 1, 2019, received invitations via email to complete the survey online. To reach the broad range of employers that had joined the program at different times, the research firm that conducted the survey sent three rounds of invitations beginning in July 2019 and ending in April 2020. Slightly more than 2,500 employers responded, about 22% of the 11,740 that had been contacted.

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