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DSHS DVR Diversify WA Career Fair

DSHS DVR Diversify WA Career Fair

DSHS DVR employee client coaching made the career fair less stressful.

By Chris Wright
DSHS Office of Communications

DVR worked closely with job seekers to ensure they were properly prepared for the Reverse Career Fair. DVR Business Outreach staff prepped the candidates to pitch themselves to potential employers and to create targeted resumes for positions they applied for.

For many candidates, the coaching beforehand made the career fair itself much less stressful. “I’ve gotten a lot of encouragement from the state agencies and feel like I’ve finally got my foot in the door, so it’s great,” said one.

DVR was encouraged by the turnout, as well as the networking that occurred, and hopes to make the Diversify WA Career Fair an annual event.

“The candidates rocked it,” said Biale. “We knew they would. We made a lot of connections with state agencies and we look forward to working with them in the future.”

While the Tumwater event was designed specifically for state agencies, DVR has held other reverse career fairs focused on Navy, federal and other job fields throughout the state this year.

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