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Dispute Resolution Centers of Washington: Jon and Linda’s Family Mediation Story

drc-of-waJon and Linda have three children between them and had divorced a few years back. They were loving parents, who wanted a fair and balanced parenting plan, but circumstances threatened to tear apart the fabric of their agreement, harming their children.

Linda had long battled bi-polar disorder – causing mood swings that sent her into periods of homebound isolation, often during visitation with her children. They would be kept inside, unable to spend meaningful time with her. Jon feared for his children’s well-being when their mom was unstable. If they created a parenting plan in court, Linda’s mental illness would likely exclude her from visitation. Furthermore, she would face a publicly invasive and expensive process. Instead they came to mediation.drc-of-wa-2016

Across the table from each other, Jon shared with Linda that he cared for her, but feared the affects of her mood swings was harming their children. Linda bravely listened. She shared the challenges of managing her condition and her deepest fear – losing her children. Their mediator supported them in creating a flexible parenting plan, which granted Linda time with her children when she was at her best; and included a plan to notify Jon when she noticed signs of depression.

Mediation allowed Jon and Linda to keep their conversation private and they created a mutually satisfactory and durable solution that had their children’s best interests at heart.

– Cynthia Moore, Whatcom DRC Family Case Manager

Your donation to the Combined Fund Drive Dispute Resolution Center in your area will help make more conversations like Ian and Lucas’s possible.  Please give today.  Here are those centers and their CFD member numbers.

Center name CFD Charity Code Web address
DRC of Grays Harbor & Pacific Co 0316179
DRC of Kitsap County 0316168
Community Mediation Center 0481658, Lewis County
DRC of Thurston County 0316167
DRC of Yakima & Kittitas Co. 0316188
DRC of King County 0316206
Northwest Mediation Center 1482084, Spokane County
Peninsula DRC Clallam Co code 0321096, Jefferson Co Code 0316191
Whatcom DRC 1481225
Volunteers of America Western WA-Skagit County 0316386
Volunteers of America Western WA Snohomish & Island Counties 0316386
Center for Dialog & Resolution 0316195, Pierce County
Community Mediation Services 1481170, Clark County
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