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Community Youth Services (CYS): Helping young people find safety and stability

cys-2016Every night, dozens of youth in South Sound try to find a safe place to sleep. It’s not easy, given that there are few shelter beds devoted to those who are under age 25. Adult homeless shelters leave youth feeling more vulnerable and desperate than they are already. Thankfully, more options are becoming available to end youth homelessness through the work of local non-profit Community Youth Services.

National statistics report the number of homeless kids at more than 1.5 million, and every day, 13 homeless kids die on the streets throughout the United States.

Adolescents become homeless for several reasons. Many want to escape the horrific situations they were living under. They may live in an unstable home where they are abused sexually or physically, or their family suffers financially. An adolescent experiences many difficult situations at home; and their only solution is to escape and live in the streets where there is only more danger.

Non-profit organizations, such as Community Youth Services, are working toward decreasing the number of homeless youth on the streets. Since 2014, CYS has operated the only youth overnight shelter between Seattle and Portland. Every night the “beds,” which are actually floor mats, are full in the fully supervised facility, as young people seek safety away from the streets and the adult homeless population.

Once the youth people find safety and stability, CYS helps them find long-term shelter and work toward completing their education and finding a job. This is possible through the 20 independent, yet connected programs run under the CYS administration.

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