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Children’s Advocacy Centers of Washington

Children’s Advocacy Centers (CACs) provide services to child victims unlike any other organization. They are healing places that help reduce trauma for young victims of violence and other forms of abuse. CACs deliver child-focused services and offer a one-stop caring, protective environment where children feel safe to share what they’ve experienced – just once- with physicians, police, counselors, and expert professionals who care.

CACs bring together a trained team of professionals who help stop the abuse, begin the process of healing and bring justice. Guiding a family from crisis to hope and helping them navigate the complex criminal justice and child welfare system is an important outcome that CAC’s provide.

Children’s Advocacy Centers of Washington (CACWA) is the state-wide organization that supports Child Advocacy Centers through funding, training and technical assistance, and development of new CAC’s. We, and local CAC’s, are accredited through the National Children’s Alliance to assure the highest standard of care is provided to victims. There are currently 17 accredited CAC’s and 6 developing CAC’s in our state. The communities developing a CAC must meet national accreditation standards before state and federal funding is fully available. State employee donations will be used to support these six centers so they will become a fully accredited center and be able to provide the one-stop caring place for children who are victims of physical and sexual abuse.

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