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CFD Supplement

2021 CFD Supplement

Click on the reservation form (down below) to download a fillable pdf file of form.

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2021 FTE News Magazine Combined Fund Drive

Charity Supplement is now taking reservations! 

The 2021 CFD Campaign begins October 4 and ends December 10.


The 2021 CFD Supplement offers:

One publication and cost for the duration of the 2021 campaign, with on-line viewing 24/7 beyond the end of the campaign as a resource for those seeking your services.

  • Changeable Full-color ad, and photos in higher resolution to identify your charity.
  • A 400-word article of mission, campaign financial need, and plans for 2021 to be upgraded twice during the campaign, with thanks for their pledge.
  • Link to your website from the article and display ad.
  • Credit card payment option by Pay Pal (3% charge added)
  • Ad prices are the same as the 2020 campaign.
  • Ads must be 3 inches in width. This width permits smart phones and tablet users full-screen access. The height of the ad is not a problem.

It is suggested that important information, such as your CFD Charity Code, web address, e-mail and phone number be highlighted in the ad and article.

Complete the Reservation Form and send immediately with your payment to reserve your space on a first come basis.

  1. Previous CFD ad displays and text is available from our files to be e-mailed to you for updating to begin the process. This permits upgrades or changes.
  2. Ads and photos should be e-mailed; ads as a pdf; photos in jpeg or TIF format.
  3. Video of 4 minutes or less is also acceptable.
  4. Articles should be e-mailed in a Word format. No copier formats accepted.
  5. The completed Reservation form should be e-mailed to

The Reservation Form in advance is critical to begin this process for 2021.

  1. Be sure to list all your contact information. All questions or concerns should be made or texted to (360) 349-6926.
  2. Additional information and form copies will be available on the FTE News website – com.
  3. Current balances net 30 days; Past due balances 1.5% per month or 18% annual rate.

Deadline for ad, article, photos, and video for the 2021 CFD Supplement is Sept. 10.

Your ad, text and photo will appear in the Oct. 2021 issue and online.


If you want the FTE News to build your ad; Sept. 6 deadline to begin a post by Oct. 1st.

COVID-19 did not affect early pledges in 2020 with the same previous total result!



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