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CFD: Senior Services for South Sound

We met Nanny via a phone call from her concerned daughter. Her daughter had just started a new job that had considerable travel and required evening working hours. This left her unable to check in on her parents and provide the daily meals that she had been over the past year.

“We were told about Meals on Wheels through the Food Bank.” Nanny told us on our visit. “I was there to tell them that I no longer could use the food, as I couldn’t stand long enough to cook anymore.”

Nanny, as her five grandchildren and two great grandchildren call her, is the primary caretaker for her husband, Jack, who has dementia. She doesn’t drive any longer and the food that she was getting from the foodbank, while nutritious, was difficult for her to cut up and cook.

“I only ask for four meals a week for myself and seven a week for Jack, because I know that others need it and you guys don’t have enough to feed everyone.” Nanny shared with us. When Nanny isn’t eating a Meals on Wheels meal, she relies on quick serve meals such as sandwiches, cereal, or Top Ramen, which she microwaves. Along with her weekly distribution of meals she is delivered both milk and bread for her and Jack to use to supplement their meal.

Nanny is concerned about funding for the program too. “I don’t know what I would do if it wasn’t for Meals on Wheels.” Nanny depends on the meals because both her and Jack are homebound and besides the meals provided by her daughter occasionally, they have no other source for meals.

When you make a donation to Senior Services for South Sound you are supporting programs that provide health and wellness, respite care, nutrition support, shared housing, transportation, and more to seniors in our community.

Your donation today to Senior Services for South Sound will make a difference in the life of a senior!

CFD Charity Code #0376766 (Mason County)

CFD Charity Code #0316438 (Thurston County), 360.586.6181

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