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CFD: Rebuilding Together Thurston County – Making something good happen in your neighborhood!

With children who couldn’t sleep in their bedroom due to mold; with windows that were so old they were all single pane and leaking air and water; and with kitchen plumbing issues so critical she had to wash dishes in the bathroom, Tracy, a survivor of domestic abuse, was in need of help fast.  As a disabled mom of two, she was overwhelmed with all the things that needed attention in her home.

Because of several leaking water spots, mainly in the kitchen, there were possible termites and ant colonies in the basement. Following a site visit to determine what all needed a fix, she was identified as a project in early summer.

Working with the good guys from both Lifespan Construction and Venables Pest Control, Tracy was in good hands!  She ultimately had 9 windows installed, which meant asthma within the house is almost a thing of the past: no mold.  Plus with a new kitchen, she no longer goes to the bathroom to do the dishes!  Along with a number of smaller issues addressed, she and her family are comfortable and healthier in their home

As we go forward, here’s just one of our proposed projects:  73 year old David, a veteran with an income of $1270/month, has significant water damage in one bathroom due to a leaking toilet; a long fence that has blown down in strong winds; several doors that don’t slide/function as they should; and a number of smaller things that he can no longer address.

If you would like to work with us on a project, a committee, on the Board, or on an event, please contact us at 360-539-7830 or  or on Facebook at . And please consider RTTC when you are looking at possible programs to support!

Charity Code CFD# 0522546

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