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CFD: Care Net Pregnancy Center

There are very few things in life that are as life-changing as a positive pregnancy test. Our lives may be different in so many ways, but a common thread exists when a new life is revealed. For some, the news is exciting and anticipated. For others, the news can be shocking, overwhelming, scary. It is really the common denominator that brings us all together. After all, we were all conceived by our parents, grew in our mother’s womb, and all had the same biological beginnings. No other factor is as basic in our existence as being conceived as a human being. All other issues are secondary and come after our birth.

The walls of Care Net could tell so many stories. Tales of panic and heartbreak.  Reports of hardships abound, but so do accounts of strength that was never-before known. It is amazing how resilient the human heart is, even when facing an unplanned pregnancy. Maybe this is your story. Maybe you or your loved one faced the shock of an unexpected pregnancy. Maybe you did not know where to turn for help. Maybe you had support along the way, and maybe you did not. The U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services states that almost 50% of all children are unplanned, so we all can identify with a friend, sibling, or co-worker who faced a challenging chapter like this, even if we have not.

At Care Net, we are humbled and privileged to be a primary resource for those facing an unintended pregnancy. For 32 years we have helped men and women who are on this new journey in their lives. We are able to provide services and support, such as pregnancy testing, first trimester ultrasound, pregnancy options education and so much more, all for NO CHARGE. We are able to give accurate medical information and link arms with these new parents as they process the emotions and decisions that they now face.

Would you help us help them? Would you support us as we support them? Even a small donation (CFD #0456737) can make a world of difference. Let’s show our community that we value all life…men, women, children. Let’s show them that every story matters and that life is really what we all have in common.

Find out more about supporting us at or facing an unexpected pregnancy at Thank you for showing you care.

CFD Charity Code# 0456737

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