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Care Net Pregnancy Center

What is Care Net, Who do they serve, How are they making a difference, and Why should I support them?   These are very important questions and should be asked by anyone who considers supporting a charity.

Care Net is the ONLY Medical Pregnancy Clinic in Thurston County offering FREE: Pregnancy Testing,      Ultrasounds, STD/STI testing & treatment for gonorrhea and chlamydia, and Parenting Education.

Care Net is for ANYONE seeking assistance within the scope of our services

Last year, 2017, Care Net had 2,594 client appointments, performed 370 pregnancy tests, 306 ultrasounds, 55 STD/STI tests, 581 parenting education classes, 1,642 appointments for baby items.

Care Net Pregnancy Center is there due to a great need for accurate medical information and services regarding pregnancy and sexual-related issues in our community for EVERYONE, and for it to be provided FREE OF CHARGE is unheard of.  Care Net of Thurston County provides the clients they serve with accurate, complete information so that they can make an informed decision for whatever they CHOOSE to do.  Having a CHOICE is the right of the client that is deeply respected at Care Net.  Equipping clients with information regarding ALL of their CHOICES is the compassionate and responsible thing to do.  Care Net invites you to become a partner with them to ensure that the clients will continue to receive these valuable services ……..FREE OF CHARGE.

CFD Charity Code #0456737

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