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Care Net celebrates 30 years of FREE services

CareNetPreg12015 marks Care Net’s thirty years of FREE services to Thurston County. The past thirty years has brought many new and exciting additions to Care Net’s outreach. Not only does Care Net continue to offer FREE pregnancy testing appointments since 1985, we were able to add FREE first trimester ultrasoCareNetPregunds in 2004 for pregnancy confirmation and ease of obtaining insurance and doctor’s appointment for continued prenatal care and consultation. In 2010, the addition of limited STI/STD testing and treatment began and has increased 47% since that date and the demand continues to rise. 2013 brought an increased length of our parenting education and support to 30 months! Our services are in such high demand that we have increased our appointment times and continue to see out new and innovative ways to meet the need. Ease for our clients in our first priority. With wonderful partners like YOU we have been able to meet this need by online appointment scheduling and increased appointment times. It is the desire of Care Net Pregnancy Center of Thurston County to meet the ever-increasing need of these medical and support services enabling healthy lifestyle choices, medical ervices and education for residents in Thurston County.

Will you join Care Net in meeting this need? It is easy to help. Select an amount to partner with us and enter the CFD Charity Code #0456737.

We can’t wait to partner with you and serve many for another 30 years!

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