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Can Facebook Ever Be Fixed?

By Andrew Burt

For those paying attention to privacy scandals and data leaks over the last few years, Facebook has emerged as a leading culprit. From its 20-plus scandals of 2018 (yes, someone actually counted) to an actual spyware app the company paid users to download to downright disastrous security practices exposed earlier this year, the company can’t seem to get much right. Which is why the recent post (which the Washington Post also ran) in which Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg proposes four new ideas to regulate the internet should come as no surprise. That Zuckerberg might fall short, yet again, in offering meaningfully changes in the way his company collects, stores, or analyzes its users’ data is to be expected. Broadly speaking, Zuckerberg’s latest proposals are mostly superficial when compared to the scale and the scope of the problems Facebook is confronting.

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